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  one of the biggest things that i learned from my year in massachusetts is how to listen to and appreciate someone’s story, without taking on their circumstances as my own burden. living… Continue reading


  we all thirst for something more in life, something deeper than the mundane everyday routine that we can so easily become stuck in. this thirst can pull us in different directionsĀ and show… Continue reading


  i am surrounded by vision here in budapest. when i’m working in the ecumenical office of the reformed church in hungary, i see the passion for international ecumenical cooperation and my coworkers… Continue reading


  living in budapest is not easy. the work i do, the isolation and loneliness i sometimes feel, and the language that i do not understand all makes for some rough days. what… Continue reading


  alright, you caught me. despite my best intentions, i am not following along with my blog-a-day lent plan with as much devotionĀ as i had initially hoped to. bear in mind though that… Continue reading


  ever since my freshman year of college, this is the voice that i turn to in times of stress, anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger, joy, elation, zeal, love, passion, freedom, relaxation, comfort, and… Continue reading


  today i am thankful for those who open their arms to me when we gather, and also know when i need time alone. gathering is such a wonderful thing — unless you’re… Continue reading


  lent is a time of preparation in which many christians give up certain luxuries as a form of penetence in the 40 days before easter. three years ago for lent i decided… Continue reading


home, for me, is not a particular geographic location. it’s not a town or an area. my home is my family. wherever they are, i am at ease because i am at home.


i don’t care what anybody tells you, you are beloved. so often various religious groups like to be super exclusive and decide by themselves who god loves and who didn’t quite make the… Continue reading