as of 06/13/18:: WHEW! it’s been a hot minute since i’ve updated this – whoops! i finished out my two year term as a GMI in hungary and along the way realized just how called to holistic refugee integration work i am. so, i’m now serving as a GMI in katerini, greece with perichoresis NGO, which is affiliated with the evangelical church of greece. i moved here in february (so i’m currently four months in) and i absolutely adore it. having the opportunity to do work that i’m called to in a new context is such a fantastic experience. i’m still not sure how long i’ll stay, but i’m soaking up every moment i can with these spectacular people in this wonderful place. (seminary is still the eventual goal, and then a career in refugee integration work or something on the national scale with the UCC maybe?)

as of 10/18/16:: i’m one year in to my time in budapest (the half-way mark) and that seems insane – my time here is flying by and i’m trying to take full advantage of every moment. i’ve been living by the “just say yes” mantra lately and it’s taken me on all sorts of adventures both in budapest and beyond. i’m thrilled to see where my next year in central europe will take me and i’m trying not to worry too much about what comes next.. maybe seminary, maybe something else?

as of 02/19/16:: i’ve been here in budapest for 4 months now and i absolutely adore it! the sense of purpose and calling that i feel in this place is spectacular. i’m working for the reformed church in hungary and doing lots of different jobs — depending on the day, i’m an english communications associate, volunteer coordinator, english conversation partner, and more. every day is different and it keeps me on my toes!

as of 10/29/15:: i arrived in the gorgeous city of budapest, hungary almost two weeks ago to the hour. i’m currently living here and serving as a global mission intern with global ministries — basically i’m a missionary here to do social justice work because the reformed church in hungary needed a native english speaker with a communications background, and that’s what i’m all about! i’ll be here for 1 to 2 (to maybe 3) years.. we’ll see how the first one goes!

as of 6/6/15:: i’m about two months away from finishing up my program here in westford, MA, where i’ve been living for the past 9 months doing a year of service through the united church of christ (UCC). i just returned from cleveland, OH where i learned that i have been officially chosen as a GMI for the coming year. currently it’s looking like i may be headed to hungary in october, but we shall see. currently i’m trying to stay focused on the now and be fully present during my last few months here in new england. i want to continue developing and deepening these connections that i’ve made and not just get swept up in my next adventure. lots of meditation is involved.

as of 8/18/14:: i’m a college graduate!! i spent my summer at home, working for a local family babysitting their three almost-teens. i’ve decided to postpone doing a GMI and going to seminary for a little while, and now i’m preparing to move to massachusets in just two short weeks to volunteer with the new england forestry foundation and a local community of faith. so basically i’ll be posting lots of woodsy photos and hopefully be dating a forester haha. i’m so thrilled about this next chapter!! ..just not super thrilled about the actual trek there (in my tiny little volvo) and all that comes comes with moving my entire life to another state (so much packing and unpacking!). one day at a time!

as of 2/26/14:: heading off to turkey on saturday for spring break, then returning to heidelberg to finish out my senior year. it’s stressful and hella hectic, but i’m working towards something bigger that makes it all worth it. i’ve sent in my GMI application (to volunteer abroad after i graduate) and i’m also filling out my seminary application to eden in st. louis (because that’s where i’ve decided to go!). i’m working on living more in the moment and enjoying the wild ride that is the end of my senior year at uni.

as of 12/9/13:: currently in the process of applying to seminaries, applying for my volunteer-ship, and also setting up my own independent study religion class. it’s a hectic time, but wonderfully so. at this point i just want to get all of these applications done, enjoy this break from school with my family, and then get back to the berg and finish out my senior year with a bang!

as of 12/1/13:: survive finals week. survive honors presentation. figure everything else out later.

as of 10/14/13 :: so right now my -ish life plan is to finish up my senior year here at the berg, then take a year or two off to volunteer with the UCC, and then head off to seminary. i’m applying to five seminaries total (in berkeley, boston, st. louis, chicago, and minneapolis st. paul), so hopefully i’ll get decent financial aid and be able to head to one of them when i return from my gap year(s). for my volunteer-ship (as opposed to internship), i would love to go to scotland or chile, but really i would be absolutely thrilled to go anywhere and be able to help the local population.