my first night in greece was everything i could have wanted. my flight got in around 9:30pm and i was picked up at the airport by two of the team members that i’ll be working with in katerini. on our hour drive back from the airport, they got a phone call inviviting all of us to a neighborhood festival that was happening in downtown. 

and so it was that my first night back in greece began as all nights in greece should: with cold beer, delicious roasted chicken, and lots of sweaty folk dancing that lasted long into the night.

we stayed out until 1:00am or so, dancing, chatting, and getting to know one another. it turns out that there are a lot more international volunteers here than i had origionally anticipated. there are a few folks here form germany as well as around 8 or so from the states, all staying for various lengths of time and working with the evangelical church in greece. some will be here for a few months, while others are here for less than two weeks. 

in the midst of all the excitement and stimuli last night, i took a few moments during the dancing to look around and soak it all in: a huge mass of people up by the stage holding hands and line dancing, swirling in circles, getting tighter towards the center; a warm breeze blowing, rustling my hair into my face; laughter and loud voices and clapping heard all around – all of us here participating in this experience of open community. it hit me then that i was back, really truly back in greece, where all are welcomed and invited to join in because that’s what makes for a good damn party. 

it’s good to be here!