we all thirst for something more in life, something deeper than the mundane everyday routine that we can so easily become stuck in. this thirst can pull us in different directions and show itself in a multitude of ways, but one thing’s for sure: when we feel a deep thirst within our core, we should listen to it.

i urge you to think about what your soul really needs today; take a few minutes and really mull it over.







like our bodies thirst for water to live, your soul thirsts for life-giving things as well, and they may vary from person to person.

maybe you need more time alone to rejuvenate and be alone with your thoughts each day, or maybe you soul needs a sense of community that will push you to grow as a person. maybe, just maybe, your soul is thirsting for a connection to the ultimate life force, the creator being, and it just won’t rest until you see that through.

discern what your soul thirsts for and seek it out — who knows what may happen along the way.