i am surrounded by vision here in budapest.

when i’m working in the ecumenical office of the reformed church in hungary, i see the passion for international ecumenical cooperation and my coworkers vision for a more cooperative and loving world community.

when i’m working at the after-school program for roma children at YOU+ME, i am surrounded by kind and patient people who have a vision for a society in which roma children can grow up in a community of faith and have as many opportunities as their hungarian counterparts.

when i’m working at the refugee ministry of the reformed church in hungary, i see a team of dedicated professionals working endlessly towards a vision of creating lasting values and fostering clients abilities to manage their everyday lives in a country that will be welcoming and open-minded towards them.

when i’m working at a local roma school in the magdolna quarter of the 8th district, i see teachers working tirelessly to support their students and working towards a vision where they will all graduate and lead productive lives of purpose.

when i’m at st. columba’s scottish mission, i see a vibrant community of faith coming together in authentic and bold ways to live out the radical love that jesus preaches in the bible.

these people, and their endless work towards these grand visions, inspire me on a daily basis.