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alright, you caught me. despite my best intentions, i am not following along with my blog-a-day lent plan with as much devotion as i had initially hoped to. bear in mind though that i’m doing my best, and if i forget a few days then i may post retrospectively about the topics that i’m sad i missed out on for one reason or another. like today — with GO. 

as many of you know, the local congregation that i attend here in budapest, hungary is a church of scotland. as soon as i arrived at the church i got as involved as possible: attending weekly services, coming to english bible studies, volunteering at various events, and serving the kalunba charity that has its offices here as part of my work with the RCH.

i’m a total church nerd and i’ve loved soaking up the unique experience of being part of an international ecumenical church community here. i’m thrilled to announce that my fascination of church life in the wider world has not gone unnoticed, and my local church of scotland here in budapest is sending me to be a youth rep for their annual meeting in may!

i have expressed my desire to learn and experience more, and my church has responded: GO. do this. we fully support you in your journey. 

being a part of a community that tells me to go forth is spectacular, knowing that i have this support network behind me as i delve into my areas of passion.

and so in just a few months i will be acting as a youth representative for my congregation at the church of scotland’s general assembly in edinburgh for a week in may, learning about how this particular church works in the wider world. i couldn’t be more excited about this upcoming opportunity!