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lent is a time of preparation in which many christians give up certain luxuries as a form of penetence in the 40 days before easter. three years ago for lent i decided to do a photographic daily ritual as my lenten practice – adding something into my daily routine rather than taking something out of it. i followed the lent photo-a-day challenge posted by the united methodist church and, while i did occasionally forget a day or two, for the most part i stuck to it.

looking back, adding in an intentional practice like blogging was such a good idea. i had to force myself to take time out each evening to write a post about the topic that day, and then look for a photo that went along with it. it gave me breathing room from my daily life that i hadn’t even known that i needed. somehow, over the last few years, i’ve managed to forget to do it due to the craziness that was my senior year of college and then my intense move to massachusetts.

but here i am now, settled comfortably into my life in hungary, and looking for a lenten practice that will challenge me daily to keep writing and sharing and documenting all of the changes and experiences that i’ve been through in just my short four months in budapest. not only do i hope this will bring me a sense of accomplishment and peace at the end of it, but i hope that focusing on my writing and my own reflections on a daily basis will be a sort of meditation for me. i’ve learned and evolved so much during my placement as a GMI with the RCH, and i think this daily invitation to write will be a wonderful way to explore that and document it.

so please, follow along as this year i follow the 2016 lent photo-a-day challenge from the united methodist church (other churches put out lent photo guides as well that you can use, i just happen to like the UMC’s the best for the topics that i’m interested in exploring!). this time around i think it’s more about the writing side of things for me than it is about the images. i will try daily to find photos that i’ve taken that go with the theme, but don’t be surprised if some of my posts do not have them.

regardless, i hope that you will enjoy the photographs and musings that are sure to come over the next 40 days or so! and please, let me know in the comments what your lenten practices are – i’m so curious!