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i still don’t like cats. i think that when my landlord asked me to cat-sit for nine days, he hoped that i would fall in love with his cat and then want to get one of my own to keep at the yoga studio.. sadly, he was mistaken. i don’t actively hate cats, but in general they’re not my thing. the kitty spent the first two or three days hiding from me and peering out from behind potted plants to creep on me and it wasn’t until a few days in that it would even let me touch it. i constantly felt like it was plotting against me in a very sneaky manner. i would go about my day and it would lounge somewhere inconvenient and stare at me through half-slitted eyes, passing judgement on me and my lifestyle. no thanks, kitty, no thanks.

i have very specific ideas about boundaries. most of the time it was here, the cat wanted nothing to do with me, which was totally fine, but on those rare occasions when it did want to be near me it had no sense of personal space. i would be out in the kitchen cooking or getting a glass of water and it would follow me all around, rubbing up against me and winding its way through my legs, curling its tail around me weirdly. no matter what i did, i couldn’t get the cat to leave me alone. and it’s not like it is with a dog, where you feel like it genuinely wants to be near you and touching you because it loves you and craves your company. nope, with this cat it seemed manipulative, like it was using me and trying to play nice for long enough that i might break down and give it some food or something. i felt very used, and i did not consent to that! i’m not a super touchy feel-y person, and that cat did not care at all when it wanted something.

litter boxes freak me out. i mean, seriously, those are so damn gross. they stink up the whole place and the cat was a bit of an ass the first day or two and made a mess with the litter. no thanks.

wet cat food is disgusting and it smells dreadful. fun fact: i absolutely detest the smell of pet food. when i’m out grocery shopping, i actively avoid walking down the pet aisle because it grosses me out. now, the cat i was watching was only 3 months old, so when i fed it i had to give it itty bitty dry food with a helping of some weird package of wet junior-kitty food on top. blehhh. it stank up my whole kitchen.

i will not be getting a pet during my time in budapest. as nice as it was on occasion to have another living thing in the apartment with me, it’s just not worth it to actually have a cat. since it’s not feasible to have a dog here either, it looks like i’ll be pet-less for the next few years.

if you love cats, then i don’t want to date you. i feel like there’s a fundamental difference in those who are cat people and those who are dog people. i’ve always been more inclined to date a dog person, just because i also happen to be a dog person. now that i’ve actually spent time with a cat, however, and realized just how much i don’t like them, it’s even more imperative that i date a fellow dog lover. anytime i see someone’s online dating profile and they have a photo of themselves with a cat, i’m gonna take a hard pass.

i miss having a dog. end of story.