i woke up, quite literally, on another continent. i went to sleep on my delta flight from detroit and woke up almost to amsterdam (for more on that, read my last post). after that it was a quick 2 hour flight to budapest in which i sat next to a nice, if a bit sweaty, nordic lad and his father. overall, the travel to budapest was the most efficient, and least stressful, that i think i’ve ever experienced. never before have my flights been so well coordinated and all on time! it was a small miracle that made for a grand start here in central europe.

i was picked up at the budapest airport by two of my coworkers from the reformed church in hungary, dia and balazs, who took me to my apartment and were wonderful enough to help me carry all of my belongings up to the third floor (here it’s called the 2nd) to my living area. they had already gone grocery shopping for me and gotten me some fresh flowers to put in my room — seriously, such amazing people! after all my things were dropped off (two large pieces of luggage, a wheeled carry on, and my large LLbean tote.. so not too bad!) they took me out for dinner where i tried goulash and a delish hungarian dessert that consisted of two kinds of sponge cake (i’ve seen that a lot here) with whipped cream and a chocolate and coffee powder on top. OMG it was just the sustinance that i needed after my travels. they thedropped me back at my apartmet and i basically passed out of exhaustion after checking in with my family back home one more time.

i woke up early the next morning to meet with tom, my landlord here and the owner of the yoga studio/apartment setup. he was fantastic and made me feel like this was really my space. in the afternoon i got my first real taste of the city of budapest when balazs and dia took me out again for a sightseeing tour. holy hell i was blown away by the intricate beauty of the place. seriously, it’s absolutely stunning here and it all seems like it’ll be easy to navigate once i figure out the public transit system. after the tour i feel like i have my bearings a bit more here in the city — i got to see it from a lookout point on the buda side of the river and it really helped to put things in perspective location wise. obviously i still have A LOT to learn about navigating in budapest, but i feel a bit mroe confident after my afternoon with them.

today dia met me at my apartment and together we went to st. columba’s, the scottish church that i’ll be attending here in budapest. a visiting group of hungarian seminary students led the service and afterwards the pastor invited dia and i, as well as a few other congregants, to go out for bangla food with them. the people there seem very welcoming and i can’t wait to get to know them better.

overall, my first few days in the city have been a whirlwind of a good time and i’m just trying to keep up! i’m still enthralled with everything since it all feels so new and exciting. as much as i love this feeling, i am looking forward to being more aquainted with budapest and its ways. i can’t wait to feel confident taking different modes of public transit and knowing my favorite brands at the grocery store. those things are still months away, but it’s heartening to know that every day i get closer and closer to that kind of comfort here. eventually life in budapest will be my norm — which is a crazy and wonderful thing to think about it.