you’re a saint. and i mean that in the most serious of ways.

when i was standing in the middle of the detroit airport, having just left my life in columbus and in the process of trekking to budapest, in a panic, you helped. you were a kind and smiling face at the check-in counter when that was exactly what i needed in that particular moment. i came you with tears in my eyes, anxious as hell about boarding my international flight and leaving the comfort of the united states, and you understood.

you could see it in my eyes when i basically begged you for a different seat so i could get sleep. the woman next to you got terse with me, but not you. you asked which seat i was in and you did everything you could to help an emotional twentysomething about to embark on the biggest adventure of her life thus far.

after a few minutes of clicking around on your computer, you found me a seat in the middle isle where i’d have the whole row of 3 seats to myself and i wanted to jump over the counter and hug you. you have no idea what a difference you made in my day, and in the beginning of what is sure to be a stressful, but exciting, transition. being able to stretch out and fully lay down during my flight from detroit to amsterdam was a dream come true. i felt well rested upon waking (well, as well rested as one can feel after airplane sleep i guess) and now have the energy i need to tackle the day ahead and all that’s still to come.

so thank you, man at the delta check-in counter — i hope karma brings some positive energy your way. you sure as hell deserve it!