…that’s going to be me in approximately one month’s time. that’s right — i finally have housing set up in budapest! and it’s a flat in a yoga studio! how in the hell did i get so lucky!?

figuring out my housing has been a few weeks in the making on my end, not to mention all the time that the amazing folks in budapest put into setting all of this up. they gave me two options: live on my own in the yoga studio apartment or live in a community in a college dorm with a woman who is working on her masters degree. the flat is on the pest side of the river (closer to downtown and the city center) and the dorm is on the buda side (the more residential, hilly area).

after a few days of discernment, i came to the conclusion that, for this adventure, it would be more authentic for me to be on my own in the city. not only would i be closer to work and the downtown area, but i would also be making it in the city, by myself (obvioulsy a whole host of other factors played into my decision as well, but that’s the gist of it).

from the moment i told my contacts at work in budapest of my decision they were totally supportive and efficient in getting me info about my set-up there: the cost of my housing, what amenities were provided, photos of the living space, etc. these people are seriously spectacular and it just makes me even more excited to arrive in the city and begin my work with them!

so, here’s what i know thus far:

  • the apartment is furnished, so i’ll have a twin bed, some chairs, dressers, lights, curtains, etc.
  • there’s a small kitchen with a fridge and sink, so i’ll have to furnish the rest of that area myself upon my arrival with any other kitchen items i want
  • all of my utilities are covered in the cost of my rent, and i’ll even have wifi (which i honestly wasn’t sure about, so that’s a huge bonus)
  • there’s no AC (which i figured), but i’ll have two large windows to get a breeze through
  • my bathroom will be communal, so i’ll be sharing it with everyone else who comes into the yoga studio — which i don’t mind at all
  • there’s a washer in the bathroom for me to use — hella handy!!
  • i’ll be living in district 8 of budapest, which seems to be an up-and-coming area of town
  • and this is a google street view that the folks in budapest sent me, so i’ll be living somewhere near here!

having all of this figured out has dramatically decreased my stress levels and has really put me at ease. a living situation is such a huge part of life, and i’m thrilled that i’ve lucked out with one as wonderful as this. i’m sure i’ll have plenty of yoga studio stories to share in the future!

i still don’t have a departure date yet, but i’ll keep y’all updated as i figure stuff out!