1. ohmylord i’m moving out in exactly seven days. i have one week left here in massachusetts before i head back to ohio. i keep saying it out loud and talking about it with people, but i still don’t think that it’s really hit me yet. i think i’ll really notice it next week when i’m back at home, going about my day, and suddenly i realize that i’m not at NEFF, working with all of my favorite people. and then it will hit me that everything seems so sparse and tree-less, and i’m not an hour from the coast anymore. that’s when i’ll panic and freak out and finally realize that that chapter of my life is done, for now. CRAZY.
  2. speaking of the move.. OMG i don’t feel like packingggg! i’m starting it now so i won’t be so overwhelmed next weekend, but it’s rough. i’m just randomly throwing things in bags and boxes and hoping that it all fits into my car. send good vibes!
  3. i’m ashamed to admit that i started watching the bachelorette this season (for the first time ever) — AND I LIKE IT. it’s crazy, i know. but this week is the finale and i’m going crazy waiting to see what kaitlyn chooses: shawn, nick, or no man because she’s a badass woman who doesn’t need anyone else.
  4. i went on an impromptu trip to vermont this past week (there will be a whole blog post on that later) and now all i ever want to eat is cheese. seriously, i just want all of the cheese all of the time. HELP ME! or just send me more cheese haha.
  5. on said trip, i also got some amazing beeswax salve from the woodstock, VT farmers market and i’ve been using it compulsively ever since. i’ve never been huge into lotions or things like that, so this is huge. it’s basically just coconut oil, beeswax, lemongrass oil, grapefruit oil, and ylang ylang. it’s absolutely delicious and i’m planning to experiment and make some of my own this summer. i’ll let you know how that goes!
  6. when i return to ohio i’m going to be leading a discussion group in an exploration of process theology and i’m beyond stoked for that. process theology is the idea that god evolves with the universe and is ever changing. ought to make for some excellent discussions, which i’ve been missing during my year here in massachusets.
  7. gahhhh i’m moving to budapest in just a few short months — still always freaking out about that in the background.
  8. this cool and cloudy weather we’ve been having here in massachusetts the past few days is simply perfection. it’s even gotten down into the 50’s a night or two. hallelujah for a few sweat-free days!
  9. random thought: what the hell is up with christmas in july? like, really y’all? it feels like it was just christmas and i’m exhausted even thinking about it again!