two more weeks.




that’s it.

that’s all that i have left in massachusetts, because on sunday august 2nd i’ll be hopping into my volvo and heading back to ohio, where i’ll arrive on monday august 3rd.

it seems crazy to think that the end of this adventure is coming up so quickly. it feels like just yesterday i was rearranging my bedroom here in the barn and trying to figure out the quickest route to get to work in the morning. all those little victories, like learning the side streets and which dunkin donuts makes the best carmel iced latte, are behind me. but also, a part of me. each little victory was tangible growth.

during these last 11 months i have rebuilt my life from the ground up in a place where, when i first moved here, i knew no one. and that’s powerful. soon, i’ll be doing it all over again in budapest, hungary.

but for now, i’m focusing on these next two weeks. my last two weeks. they’re filled to the brim with all kinds of wonderful people and events.

in the span of two weeks, i will be:

  • having my last spiritual sojourning meal with my sojourner and my roommate
  • trekking up to burlington, VT for a few days
  • enjoying a meal with the YASC team from first parish church united
  • journeying up to gilford, NH for a weekend
  • at work for only 6 more days
  • packing up my entire apartment, and life, here in westford
  • attempting to shove all my stuff into my wonderful volvo
  • praying that my volvo doesn’t break down between now and my arrival in ohio
  • surprised by something my coworkers are planning for me (i. love. surprises!!)
  • attending my last church service at first parish
  • saying goodbye to all of the amazing people that i’ve met here
  • driving 13-ish hours back to my family in ohio

it’s going to be a crazy 14 days, but i’m thrilled for what’s yet to come.