so i had my skype mesh with my GMI area executive (who’s in cleveland) and my day-to-day supervisor with the reformed church in hungary (who’s in budapest) earlier this week. while i didn’t get a ton of specific details, it was still fantastic opportunity to hear more first-hand info about what i’ll be doing and how things will run in budapest.

okay, so first things first: there’s only one english speaking reformed church in budapest that’s connected with the reformed church in hungary, and it’s scottish — this will be my home congregation for the duration of my time there. unlike during my time here in massachusetts, there isn’t any kind of formal agreement of service with the congregation. they would strictly be my spiritual home while i’m there, and i could delve as deep into that, or not, as i want. honestly, it sounds amazing and i can’t wait to get there and check it out!

another fun fact: i don’t need to worry about my visa situation or my language situation until i arrive. i’ll come into hungary with a 90-day tourist visa, and the folks there will help me in filling out my visa paperwork etc. once i’ve gotten settled in. they’ll also help me find a language tutor or class to attend so i can begin working on my hungarian — i’m sure there will be many amusing stories as that progresses haha. the people in my office will also help with my hungarian by gradually speaking more of their native tongue in the office, after i’ve had a couple of months to get into the groove of things there. i’m grateful for that because i’m hoping that i’ll get to know these people well enough that i won’t mind making a fool of myself as i attempt to speak hungarian. we’ll see how that goes!

we’re still not sure where exactly i’ll be living or when my start date is, but things are moving forward and i’m just fine with that. i don’t need to have everything completely figured out right now; knowing that there are people over in budapest who are working to sort things out is enough for me.

i’ll keep y’all up to date as i learn more! if you’ve ever moved across the globe, to hungary or to somewhere else, tell me about it! i need all the words of wisdom that i can get haha.