exciting news y’all: earlier this week i received my official letter of recommendation from the UCC to serve as a global mission intern in budapest, hungary beginning in early october. i’m signing on for a one-year term, but may extend once i’m over there if things are going well for me and for the non-profit that i’ll be working for — the reformed church in hungary (RCH).

i’ll be doing lots of different things for my role as communications assistant while i’m there, including, but not limited to:

  • facilitating international communication
  • writing articles, reports, and PR materials in english
  • helping to actively shape the RCH english website
  • writing proposals to international organizations
  • assisting work with refugees and tutoring in english
  • receiving and guiding international guests

the RCH is located there in budapest and is in a fascinating post-communist era — i can’t wait to soak it all up. i’ll be working in their synod office, a self-described “young team” of people aged 25-40.

this opportunity will not only help me with the obvious professional skills i’ll continue to develop, but it will include interfaith aspects (in my refugee work), education (my time tutoring), and leadership development (as i work with a diverse staff of colleagues at the office) — not to mention all of the personal growth that will come from my journey of rebuilding my life in a new city and forging integral connections to a new community.

now that it’s all becoming real, my timeline suddenly seems much shorter than it did a month ago.

  • july: finish up the YASC program here in massachusetts
  • august: move back to ohio the first week, soak up family and friend time in my home state, and attend every doctor visit i can in preparation for the move
  • september: continue enjoying my time in the mid-west, do more substantial prep for the move, and attend a missionary conference at the end of the month
  • october: make the move

i have a skype call this coming monday with my area executive for the middle-east and europe from the UCC and my day-to-day supervisor from the RCH in hungary. i’m excited and a bit anxious to hear what they have to say. will i learn more details about my housing? about my job? what about my start date?

i’m sure that once i’m done speaking with them i’ll be posting all of the details on here to keep everyone updated, and so that, years down the road, i’ll still be able to reread all my thoughts on it.

until then!