i’m thrilled to announce, from UCC headquarters in cleveland, ohio, that i’ve been officially accepted as a global missions intern! so much joy is pulsing through me right now!!

i flew into cleveland on sunday evening to prepare for an intense few days to figure out if i was officially in the GMI program. monday was filled with a psychological evaluation, meals with members of the global ministries team, and my interview: the culmination of almost four years of hard work.

i’m so thankful that everyone here at UCC headquarters has been friendly and inviting — it’s kept my stress over this whole trip to a minimum. my interview was about 45 minutes and consisted of a beautiful dialogue between various area execs from global ministries as well as other members of the UCC team. the people there were clearly dedicated to this program and the people who participate in it, and i could feel that in the interview. a lot of the questions revolved around my motives for wanting to join the program, what was i truly passionate about, and what was i looking to get out of my experience. knowing that all of these people saw me as an individual and took the time to ask these questions was an amazing experience — and one that clearly went well as i’ve gotten the position!

this morning i had more meetings set up with people in charge of finances, communication, and the funding side of the GMI program. i feel so much more at ease now that i’m getting all the details!

now i just have to find out where i’m going — budapest, hungary is currently plan A, as they’re looking for a communications professional who can help them on a denominational level. i should know by next friday if things are moving forward in that direction or if i need to begin exploring other country options!

honestly, hungary sounds amazing. my passion and skill set seems to match up perfectly with what they’re looking for in a GMI and that’s exhilarating.

i’ll keep y’all up to date on how things progress over the next few weeks!