serving at new england forestry foundation (neff) has ignited a passion in me for doing communications and marketing work at a non-profit, and specifically eco-justice work. i have learned that i have valuable communication skills and a mind that loves to think outside the box, making me a valuable asset to the organization.

i started here at neff as a social media intern, but my work has evolved beyond that in recent months. i began my time by managing all of neff’s social media outlets as well as getting neff involved in new types of social media to help reach a broader audience. i ramped up the organization’s presence on twitter and facebook and began posting photographs of neff’s multitude of community forests to instagram. i was in charge of curating content for all of these venues, and learning what particular information people were interested in on each. in order to get a feel for the non-profit and its work, i also began hiking and photographing in neff’s forests near me.

a few months into my time here, the director of communication stepped down, and her duties were then doled out to other employees. soon I was not just photographing, interfacing with hikers on our properties, and curating interesting content for our followers. i was also helping to do work on neff’s website as well as writing and sending out monthly e-newsletters to the non-profit’s supporters.

my work has grown again over the past few months as i’ve shown an interest in learning all that i can about marketing and communications. i am now helping to lead an overhaul of our current communications plan and create a new, cohesive, and more effective strategic marketing and communications plan for neff to use for years to come. i’m also helping to plan neff’s annual meeting, doing communications support work for a partnership between neff and the in-progress boston public market (set to open this summer), as well as running seasonal photo contests and assisting others in the office with various communications needs.

i feel so energized through the work that i’m doing here with neff. this is the kind of work environment that i thought only existed in dreams; one in which the office staff is small but fully committed to their work, where the leadership is hands-on and everyone feels appreciated, and where employees are given the freedom to think creatively and progressively about the future of the organization. i’m passionate about the work i do here, and thankful to have this opportunity to help such an amazing organization conserve and sustainably manage new england’s forests for years to come.