11 distinctions of the MA life

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i’ve been living in massachusetts for about four and a half months now and i’ve noticed so many random little differences from my life in the midwest. some of these differences are becoming second nature to me now, but i still find some of them a little weird and they crack me up. so, here are just a few of the differences that i’ve noticed since moving from ohio to massachusetts. oh, and i should mention that my new town is stereotypical new england gorgeous and my work at new england forestry foundation is filled will all kinds of hardcore outdoorsy types, so i’m surrounded by the “ideal new englander” basically all the time. which just makes me feel more midwest by contrast haha but i’m not mad about it. since moving out of ohio i’ve actually become even more obnoxious about how much i love my home state!


trees. there are fucking trees EVERYWHERE. i don’t know what i was expecting (i did come here to work for a forest conservation non-profit after all), but it wasn’t this. my first month here was actually really hard because i felt claustrophobic and overwhelmed all the time because of the huge vegetation that i was constantly surrounded by. i still miss the open space in ohio, but i’m learning to appreciate the forests here more and more.

ll bean. these people seriously love their ll bean stuff. i have yet to buy any, but i’m sure that before i move back to ohio this summer i’ll get sucked into it somehow haha.

whereabouts. like, when someone says “i’m from massachusetts too!” and someone responds with “oh, whereabouts in massachusetts?” because saying “oh, where at?” would be way too easy.

buffalo sauce. it’s not really a thing here and it makes me incredibly sad because i could literally eat that stuff on EVERYTHING.

drivers. they’re absolutely insane and i’m still trying to adjust to this one. by ohio standards i would consider myself an aggressive driver, but then i moved here and realized that there is no comparison to the crazed drivers of MA. help me.

speed limit signs. the ones on entrance and exit ramps are never accurate. they always say like 30 when 45 is fine. hella annoying, though with how crazy all these people drive, i’m sure they have to mark them as slower just so other drivers will slow down at all.

toilet paper. apparently rolls here come individually wrapped? so bizarre and such a waste of paper. honestly, there is no damn need for that.

hiking boots. everyone at my work owns a pair and swears by them. meanwhile, i’m hanging out in my obnoxiously beautiful pair of neon yellow new balance tennis shoes that have taken me all the way to the mediterranean and back. yea. my shoes have been cliff diving. have your hiking boots done that?

tennis shoes. while we’re on the subject, people here don’t call them tennis shoes and it makes me chuckle whenever anyone says the word “sneakers”. i don’t know what it is about that word, but it cracks me up.

accents. there are so many variations on accents around here and i honestly never have any clue what kind of accent someone is talking with, i just know that sometimes i don’t what what’s being said and it’s frustrating. i come from central ohio, where newscasters are literally sent to study the dialect and learn how to speak like us. when you turn on the national news, the person speaking sounds like me, and it’s great. not so much here.

vehicles. subaru’s and volvo’s rule the world over here and it makes me so damn happy!