julia and i, hanging out on a bridge watching the regatta!

julia and i, hanging out on a bridge watching the regatta!


today i got to check another “true new england experience” off my list: the head of the charles regatta! honestly, when my church BFF beth invited me, i had no idea what the hell a regatta was. i knew it involved boats, attractive athletes, and lots of people wearing ralph lauren watching .. so obviously i was down.

we met up with beth’s daughter and headed down to the boat races, which were actually pretty intense (one boat hit another and there was quite a bit of yelling and row-grabbing haha). we wandered around casually watching the races while also grabbing every freebie from the vendor tents that we could (because DUH). i ended up walking away with a free uber ride, a tshirt, tons of fragrance samples, sunglasses, and a photo of the three of us “in switzerland” (AKA in front of a green screen looking precious as hell “in the alps”):: SCORE! this girl on a budget is still rejoicing so hard over all the free shit.

next up were drinks and appetizers at a chill outside bar in cambridge, followed by a walk around harvard square and harvard itself. setting foot on harvards campus is as awesome as everybody makes it out to be: huge intense buildings everywhere, lots of statues, super neat grass (protected by ropes so you can’t even walk on it.. bullshit), and tourists like myself taking lots of pictures while the actual students weave around all of us to get to whatever ivy league stuff they’re off to do. at one point we went to check out a church on campus and when we walked in we were informed that we couldn’t, because there was a free concert going on. so obviously we went to the balcony and checked it out and OHMYGOSH it blew my mind. those singers were so talented and the orchestra was absolutely brilliant. so powerful. spooky music, but powerful and goose-bump-inducing.

it was a perfect day, like something that someone would do a series of watercolor postcards or something about: regatta, boats, the river, windy day, free stuff, ridiculous pictures, cambridge itself, outdoor bar chillin’, harvard square, harvard, the library, the church, gahhh EVERYTHING!


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casual duck photo at the regatta? YES

casual duck photo at the regatta? YES


so apparently it's a thing to touch john harvard's foot?

so apparently it’s a thing to touch john harvard’s foot?


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