i hopped in line to check out at market basket and what is usually a pretty mundane experience turned into a conversation i will never forget.

i commented on your delicious looking pudding mix and told you how i love to make my own mocha pudding, and then you blossomed.

i heard all about the homemade meal that you’re going to make this week for a lutinent in the army who’s returning home from the middle east. you told me how you met online and have been exchanging love letters (and when you blushed telling me this, i knew those letters must have been filled with all kinds of details. go you!) and how this week you’re finally going to meet in person. i talked to you for less than ten minutes, but i’m already rooting for you and this new love that’s blossoming.

and your other stories!? OHMYGOSH I WANT YOU TO WRITE A DAMN BOOK! how you fell in love with a spanish butcher in paris and married him, despite your doubts. four kids and 40 years later he stole your money and left, your kids took his side and left you too, and none of them have looked back. now you’re making it on your own, forging new connections and new life experiences that are yours and yours alone.

sweet, sweet 60 year old woman at the grocery store: i am in awe of your spark. you’re still living life vivaciously and trying new things: new pudding, new man, who knows what’s in store for you next!?

you’re life is still full of possibilities and that gives me hope. despite all the crazy shit that has happened to you, you’ve chosen to keep living with that same tenacity that drew you to adventures in paris in the beginning.

i hope i’ll be able to do that throughout my life as well, keep living passionately no matter what happens.

so thank you, sassy as hell woman that i met in the market basket check out line, for being a source of inspiration in my life that i didn’t even know i needed.