two days ago wasn’t technically my first day of work at NEFF, and yet I found myself coerced into attending an environmental pests meeting a few towns over with a delegation from NEFF anyway haha. my supervisor, another NEFF employee, and myself showed up at this meeting at an electric company (who was concerned about pests damaging the trees near their lines and causing safety issues, as well as issues with their customers when they have to cut the trees down) and the room was already filled with various environmental people scattered around tables. both of my colleges from NEFF were confident in their discussion of environmental pests, the destruction they cause, and what could be done to stop them. I, however, had very little idea what was going on, so I kept my mouth shut and focused on networking with those around me in case NEFF every decided to work with them on a project. on the whole, the meeting was purely symbolic as no higher-up’s were there to actually commit to anything, but it was still informative and a good networking opportunity. glad that’s over though! it was a crazy intro to life at NEFF lol.

yesterday was my first day on the job and it was actually a pretty similar experience: really overwhelming, but a good time overall. thankfully another girl around my age had her first day yesterday as well, so we went through pretty much all of orientation together. at least that way I knew I wasn’t the only one who was lost sometimes haha. all the employees there were ultra helpful with any questions I had, whether I was asking how to fill out a reimbursement form or where the tea was located in the kitchen. they even got me set up with a large monitor since I’ll be spending so much time online with the social media stuff, and they offered me a second if I needed it. how helpful! the office building is actually an old manor house out in the woods on 100 acres of forest land that’s open to the public for hiking. my desk is right next to a grouping of large windows at the back of the house, so all day I watched families with dogs, serious joggers, and a high school cross country team meander back past the house and eventually disappear into the woods. basically the location is perfection, the people are spectacular, and once I get settled into the job, I’m sure it won’t be quite so overwhelming. now if only I could fast forward to two weeks from now!!

today was my second day officially on the job at NEFF and it was still hectic with a ton of new info to process and even more new people to impress since today was a board meeting day. and the meeting was at our office. with all the board members who looked all serious and forest-y. I got to sit in on the meeting so I could see how things work and what new things were being discussed for the direction of the organization. I didn’t understand some of it, but I took notes and I’m sure the more I get into the job the more that stuff will all sink in as I put it into practice. WHEW, it made for a hella busy morning. in the afternoon I began to feel more confident in my social media work, like I have most of the social media passwords, I have access to tons of photos to use, and I’ve started making lists of various things to post. which is awesome. butttt until I’m familiar with all NEFF’s policies and the tone they want their social media to use, I need to run almost everything by my supervisor. which I completely understand, I just wish I already knew all this stuff so that I could work more efficiently and at my own pace. oh well, it’ll just be another learning experience for me!

I get the feeling I’ll be having lots of those this year.