one last picture at home before a headed to new england: me and my little volvo all packed and ready!

one last picture at home before a headed to new england: me and my little volvo all packed and ready!


hello all!

exciting news: I have arrived in westford, MA and moved all my stuff into the carriage house that will be my home for the next 11 months. in other news: I’m not there anymore because now I’m en route (currently in Philly) to Southern California for UCC YASC job training! it’s been a hectic past few days, so before I forget anything, lemme give you a quick recap of my last 48 hours or so.

Sunday August 31st:: I began my journey to Massachusets on a rainy Sunday morning; not exactly how I want my last memories of Ohio to be, but oh well. I finished tossing a few random things into my Volvo, hugged my family, took a couple pictures in front of my house, and then took off. I drove for around 8 hours and stayed the night with the relative of a church member in Newark, NY. ohmylord the family was fantastic and it felt so good to be staying in someone’s house instead of in a random hotel room or something. I got to sleep in a bed with fresh sheets and had a home cooked meal–it doesn’t get any better than that. I was exhausted by the time I arrived, so my evening with the family was pretty chill and uneventful, culminating with an early bedtime at 10pm haha.

Monday September 1st:: woo! day two of driving. I left Newark and had around 5 and a half hours of driving to do on my second day. I got an early start at 8:15am (well, early for me) and pretty much drove straight through except for a stop for lunch AKA some greasy pizza at a rest stop that ended up giving me a stomach ache and that I immediately regretted eating. anyhow, I arrived in westford at around 2:30pm and was greeted by a few church members who were in charge of us YASCers. they helped me carry my stuff in and gave me time to get everything half-ass settled (because I was hella exhausted!). the carriage house is located behind the main house and is located in a spacious barn. you enter the center of the building, which is a huge open storage area with original barn wood and a large loft space above it. to the right is Ellen’s garage (the woman who owns the property) and to the left is our apartment. when you walk in you’re in an open area of living room /kitchen / office. to the right of all that is a spacious deck and to the left is a hallway where my room (which has a windmill outside it! 😍), Miriam’s room, the bathroom, and a storage closet are located. IT’S AMAZING! once I’m back in Massachusets and have some time I’ll take better pictures and post them. for now, however, you’ll have to make do with the quick snapshots I’ve posted below haha. after settling in a bit, miriam and I were taken over to the church for a quick tour. it’s a gorgeous building and a wonderful worship space; I can’t wait to spend more time there and get to know the building better. then it was back to the carriage house for a bit to continue unpacking before heading off to a dinner party at Angela’s house, the woman who is coordinating all this YASC stuff locally there in westford. there were around 18 people total and everyone was super relaxed, chatty, and genuinely interested in what had brought me to their community. we only stayed a few hours to mingle and eat with everyone before heading back to the house to get some rest prior to our early flight this morning.

Tuesday September 2nd:: ohmylord everything is a blur. IT WAS SO EARLY! this morning miriam, myself, and scott (Angela’s husband who’s serving as a representative of the westford community) are headed to Southern California for UCC training. I’m not sure exactly what it entails, but I’m thrilled to be going and spending time will all the other wonderful volunteers from YASC sites around the country. we woke up at 3:30am to leave to drive to the New Hampshire airport at 4am. took a flight out to Philly at 5:20am and I spent it sleeping and tweeting. now I’m in Philadelphia for the next few hours as we wait for a 10:20am flight out to Phoenix and from there it’s FINALLY on to California. we’re staying at a local UCC church camp in the area AKA bunk bed life for me the next few days haha. I’m so tired though that I feel certain I’ll hit that bunk hard later tonight!

whew, okay, i think that’s all. here are some pics from my past few days!!




my view of the windmill from my room : ) I LOVE IT



here’s a quick panoramic of the kitchen/living room area! the lighting is a pretty meh, but i promise i’ll get better pics up soon!



watching the sunrise via my flight to philly!!