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NEFF. the new england forestry foundation. my job for 32 hours per week for the next 11 months.

i skyped into a NEFF meeting earlier this month to get the gist of what the communications team is working on currently and what kinds of things they’re wanting to get done in the next few months.

not going to lie, it was really overwhelming to start with. four people were sitting in a room staring at a giant screen with my face on it as i skyped in. another girl was on a conference call with us, but her Skype wasn’t working. alas, it was just MY GIANT FACE that everyone in the room got to see for like an hour and a half straight haha. awkward.

at first, all the information that they were talking about was new to me, but gradually i caught on to the lingo and their current communication strategy and also learned how they hope for their communications department to evolve as i become a part of it.

i’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to create and fill the position of social media director for the department of political science at heidelberg university because it gave me at least a half-assed idea of what a social media strategy should involve and how best to execute it. WHEW! my job at the berg truly helped me to grow in ways that i’m just now realizing and has also prepared me for the coming work with NEFF. thank goodness!!

so a few days after the Skype meeting i received a NEFF forestry report in the mail, and, in an effort to arrive knowledgeable and prepared for my big-kid job, i have been reading it front to back and front again. i’m going over facts and figures while also taking notes on how best to translate pertinent information from the report into various social media outlets. IT’S AWESOME!

seriously, doing work like this makes me so damn excited to arrive in massachusets and begin the real stuff. i can’t wait to be in charge of the blog, the twitter page, the Facebook page, and all the photography that appears there!

so far, it seems like it’s going to be a fantastic fit for me : )

and stay tuned: i begin the move to new england in just six days and i’m sure things are going to get crazy between now and then!