so i know some of you may not believe it, but i’m totally an introvert. granted, i’m an extroverted introvert, or, as one of my good friends once told me, i’m an introvert with really good social skills. i can turn on my extrovert when i need to, but in the end i always revert back to my introverted self. to give you an idea of what i’m talking about, here are general life struggles that i go through:

  1. at least twice a week i have an “I HATE EVERYONEEEE” kinda day where i just hole up in my room and watch netflix and wander around eating ice cream with no pants on. it’s fantastic and is just what i need to get away from the overwhelming world sometimes.
  2. constantly having to explain to people that “no, i’m not necessarily anti-social, i’m just selectively social.” because there’s totally a difference.
  3. ME TIME. i need lots of me time.
  4. “rites of passage”, like homecomings, prom, dances, huge frat parties, aren’t really my thing. ohmylord it’s so exhausting to be around that many damn people! i don’t know how y’all do it. i don’t understand it and i want nothing to do with it. at all.
  5. i always want to travel alone. sure, i love to meet up with people once i arrive, but i want to deal with the stresses of travel all by myself. i have enough of my own drama in a crowded airport after a late arrival at the gate with just 14 minutes to board my next flight, i don’t need your drama too.
  6. my friends say that i flirt with everyone, which i find hilarious because, true life, i can only tolerate like 6 people on a daily basis.
  7. i’m not a “group of friends” kinda person. i can’t keep up with all that. usually it’s less than five people that i’m constantly in contact with and i’m super close to.
  8. people exhaust me. like, legitimately exhaust me. large groups especially. whether it’s a job i’m working at or a meeting i’m in, i’ll turn the charm on while i’m there and then crash when i get home.
  9. “fake it ’til ya make it” is basically the story of my life. in any group social situation i have to put on a public persona and keep it going until the event is over. yes, it’s a facade, but it’s effective and it get’s me to where i want to be, so don’t judge.
  10. most nights i prefer to stay in and have a wine night with a few close friends, but when i do decide to go out to a party i’m the life of it. i’m loud, i stay out until 2am, and i have a grand ole’ time. anddd then i have to hole up in my house for the next three days to recover from all the energy that being that extroverted took out of me.
  11. i usually go out of my way to avoid people, not because i don’t like them, but just because it can take so much out of me. when, inevitably, i do run into someone and stop to chat, i make it seem like there’s nothing else in the world i’d rather be doing.
  12. dating is always interesting because when we’re in person i’m all over the place, super talkative and friendly. and thennnn when we’re not in person i won’t text back for days at a time because i just don’t feel like dealing with it. i know, i’m ridiculous.
  13. i’m always in a weird position in groups because people think i’m the best suited to make the speech, give the presentation, etc. when really i’m nervous as hell and would rather be doing anything but that.
  14. indecisiveness is my downfall because i’m always torn between being an extroverted introvert and being just a comfortable introvert. i’m constantly trying to find that balance.
  15. i’ve never really understood the whole introvert vs. extrovert thing, because i’ve always just been both..