Photo Aug 14, 1 46 27 PM


  1. now that i’m finished working with my kiddos for the summer i’ve been spending most of my free time by the pool reading and relaxing. it’s been wonderful to take some time to slow down and appreciate where i am before i make the move to MA. i know that once i do, i’ll miss days like today!
  2.  welp, it’s less than two weeks until i move. holy shit, that’s crazy! currently working on staying focused and in the moment, as well as practicing breathing exercises and trying not to get too stressed..
  3. i don’t feel weird about not going back to heidelberg. i really thought i would; you know, it’s nearing the end of august and all my undergrad friends are gearing up for another year at the berg, and i really thought i would miss going back and joining everyone else. but i don’t. not in the slightest. my time at heidelberg was absolutely splendid and i wouldn’t trade it for the world, but i also wouldn’t want to overstay my welcome and never move on with my life.
  4. that being said, i’ve been very lucky these past few weeks to catch up with four of my favorite women from heidelberg. you know, the people that i’m going to miss so damn much that my heart already hurts just thinking about it. i took emily downtown for ice cream at jeni’s and an epic life chat. i’ve snagged coffee from harvest moon twice with my darling hannah. i had an epic lunch date with my girl meredith to talk about the future and our respective life directions. and just the other day i finally got to see my bff danielle before i make my move to the east coast. i’m so thankful that i got to spend time with each of them before my move, because i’m gonna miss them like hell when i’m gone.
  5. on a less serious note, i feel like this season of true blood is going by SO. SLOWLY. and yet, i can’t stop watching. like, nothing much is really happening in each episode and i’m still glued to my computer screen each time a new one comes out. i hope these final two episodes are worth it…
  6. related to that last thought, does it make me a terrible person if i secretly kinda want bill to die of hepV? yes, i know, it would be very tragic for all the other characters, but i feel like it would give sookie the chance to finally stand on her own two feet and not always be the damsel in distress to some man. just a thought..
  7. so this summer i’ve been completely and totally obsessed with every single recipe on no, really. i’ve made at least 20 of her dishes and have loved each and every one of them. some highlights of my summer cooking adventure with how sweet it is? these trashy snack cookies. this watermelon ague fresca. ALL of these options for grilled bread. this honey lemon chicken. and, of course, my family’s new obsession: her recipe for chipotle’s corn salsa. MOUTHGASM!!
  8. oh, and my grandmother just adopted the most adorable little terrier from the fairfield county humane society. it’s perfectly suited to her and i love visiting each day and seeing the little thing come out of its shell a little bit more. too presh! i can’t wait until i’m at a point in my life where adopting a dog is doable : )