Photo Aug 07, 10 25 48 AM


as most of you know, my life is currently filled with changes: moving, leaving friends and fam, summer job ending, prepping to begin a new job in MA. my life is quite abstract at the moment, and my random list of life updates reflects that haha

  1. i went creeking with my kiddos earlier this week and ended up being hella sick afterwards.. pretty sure i took in quite a few icky microbes. not a fan. i think i’ve had my fill of creaking for a while..
  2. this mocha pudding is my new favorite thing in the entire world of cool summer desserts. i’m obsessed.
  3. i’m still not quite sure how my macbook pro survived for four and a half years without any kind of case, but i’m glad it did. however, now that i’ve bought a case and keyboard cover on group on, i simply can’t imagine life without it!
  4. last night i got to meet up with my BFF emily, a fellow poli sci heidelberg grad, and roam around columbus catching up while she’s in town for americorps training. we sat on a stoop for hours in the short north, savoring jeni’s ice cream and catching up on each others lives. it was absolutely wondrous to see her again and i’m so thankful that we got to hang out before i move!!
  5. now that i’m down to just a few more weeks here in ohio, i’m flitting around trying to see and catch up with as many people as possible. it’s exhausting, but i know i’ll be glad i did it when i’m in MA missing my fam and friends from home.
  6. gahh i’m excited for this trip to cali on september 2nd! i have absolutely no idea what kind of job/program training i’ll be going through, but i’ll be in southern cali so it’s all good : )
  7. i interviewed today for another temporary babysitting gig during my last few weeks in town. while i don’t want to spend my last two weeks here changing diapers, i do need the money. and so i’ll find out tomorrow if i got the gig watching three youngin’s for the remainder of my time here! *fingers crossed*
  8. OHMYGOSH TOMORROW IS MY LAST DAY WITH MY KIDDOS!! it seems so crazy that my time with them will be over so soon and then i’ll have to start paying for my own ice cream and museum visits again.. *sad face* and these kids!! i’ll miss their sass, their questions, their expressions when they come to a new realization about the world around them. it has truly been such a fantastic summer exposing them to the wider world. now i just have to hope that my open-minded teachings stick with them : )