just thinking about all of this makes me want wine. where's the wine? oh wait, it's not even 8am, wine will have to wait until tonight..

just thinking about moving makes me want wine. where’s the wine? oh wait, it’s not even 8am, wine will have to wait until tonight..


it’s 7am and i can’t sleep, so why not blog eh?

i’m starting to freak out about moving to MA. well, not necessarily freaking out about the move itself, but more so about the fact that i will be living on $100 a week. even at uni i lived on more than that between various campus jobs and extra loan money i took out. and i didn’t even have to buy all my own food then, i had a cafeteria!! gahhh this is going to be a huge adjustment.

related to that: can i get food stamps in MA? no, really.


i’m about three and a half weeks out from moving and the panic is slowly coming.



what if the people at the new england forestry foundation don’t like me?

what if i can’t find any babysitting gigs to supplement my income?

what if i spend too much on gas and then don’t have enough for food?

what if i forget to defer my student loans in september and then i’m completely and totally screwed?

what if something janky happens with my car and my used-to-be-a-mechanic-i-can-fix-anything father isn’t around to help?

what if i’m not as good at living in community as i thought i was?

what if i don’t remember how to fill out tax forms?

what if i can’t fit everything in my little volvo?

what if i get there and am super stressed and then all my stress-related medical issues start occurring and i totally freak my roommate out?

what if i’m not as prepared for the real world as i thought i was?


i know that, for the most part, everything will be fine. if i have to i’ll live on life cereal and wine and just lose quite a bit of weight by biking everywhere so that i don’t have to spend any money on gas. but i’m hoping it doesn’t come to that. basically, once i move there i feel like i’ll settle into my new life pretty quickly. but for now, as i sit here in ohio not really knowing how things are going to play out, it’s easy to worry and freak out. so, my dear reader, there may be a few more posts like this in the weeks leading up to the big move.


on a less serious note, i think that a few of these issues (namely, my car and food) could be solved by simultaneously dating both a car mechanic and someone who works at a decent restaurant and will give me free food.. bahaha so there’s that.