i don’t like my hometown.

to some of you this will come as a huge surprise, but many of you are already well aware of it. the nosey people that flit about a small town exasperate me. my time in school here was dreadful and i couldn’t wait to move away. the judgement that comes from being a liberal in a small town where people still drive tractors to school is palpable.

but i absolutely love my home.

i love my family who lives here in my hometown: my parents, brother, aunt, and grandmother. i love my yard, bordered on one side by woods and a creek where i used to play as a child. i love how spacious it is here: room for tons of gardens, a pool, a patio, and lots of yard space to lounge about.

i don’t like my hometown, but i absolutely love my home.

to me, these things that so many people think of as one, i have always thought of as distinctly separate. my family could pack up and move to downtown columbus and my home would simply move with them. my home is wherever my family is, and that’s just fine by me.

i’ve blogged about it before on here: i’m leaving. in just over a month i’m picking up and trekking to westford, massachusets for the next year. now that i’m one month away from my moving date things are starting to become very real; mostly, the fact that i’ll have to say goodbye to this home that i love and the people that inhabit it.

and so, in order to remember where i come from and where my home is, i’ve started crafting. today i made a map plate of central ohio that i will take with me when i move so that every time i take off my jewelry for the night and set it all down on the dish, i will think of home. and of my family there who loves me dearly.

the plates are super easy to make and due to this, i feel like everyone should make one either to keep for themselves or to pass along to someone else!!


Photo Jul 24, 3 39 30 PM


here’s how to make a decoupage plate:

items needed::

  • two paint brushes
  • elmers glue
  • clear glass plate (or some other dish, whatever you’d like really)
  • design you want on your piece (i used an old map, you can use pages from a magazine or a collage or whatever your heart desires!)
  • scissors
  • clothespins (you might need these, you might not. it all depends on what kind of dish/plate you use)
  • clear oil-based polyurethane

how to do it::

  1. clean the dish. clean it really well. especially the backside, which is where you will be adhering your image(s).
  2. choose what kind of paper you would like to adhear to your plate/dish.
  3. cut it to approximately the size you will need (so you don’t have all kinds of extra paper flapping around while you’re trying to create).
  4. make up a 1:1 mix of elmers glue and water and, using a paint brush, spread the mixture lightly over the top of the image.
  5. adhere the image to the backside of the plate and press down firmly with your fingers to be sure that it’s well-fit to the shape of your dish.
  6. let your creation sit for a bit and then go back and trim excess paper from the edges with a pair of scissors.
  7. if the edges of the paper aren’t well adhered to the dish (which is more common the more curves your dish has), use your paint brush and spread the glue/water mix around the edges and then use clothespins to hold the paper in place so it sticks better.
  8. clean the paintbrush, and then use it to coat the back of your creation in a coat of clear oil-based polyurethane.
  9. repeat that last step two more times, for a total of three layers of the polyurethane (or more if you feel like you need a thicker coat), on your gorgeous creation.
  10. ta-dah!! your beautiful dish is done and can now be used to hold jewelry, put mail in, set a candle on, or show off as a cheese plate. whatever you desire!