ohmylord i absolutely love gardening. and i absolutely love my family for doing all the garden prep-work and planting, so that by the time i arrived home for the summer all i had to do was water stuff and eat it. nomnomnom.

you see, i’m kind of a fair weather gardener, in that if it’s too hot (or if i’m feeling too lazy) then i’ll do anything i can to get out of sweating outside to water everything and do general garden up-keep. but when it’s gorgeous weather, like it has been these past few weeks, i go hardcore with the gardens we have at my house.

up in the top of our yard there are two small gardens each with various types of lettuce and flowers in them (spinach, romaine, giant caesar, swiss chard, neon swiss chard, spring mix, etc. along with bachelor button flowers and california poppies!).

out by the back patio we have two small herb gardens that are filled with tons and tons of basil, cilantro, parsley, carrots and a few cucumber and zucchini plants as well.

down by the pool is my brother’s tea garden that includes stuff like catnip, lavender, lemon balm, pineapple sage, and other stuff good for brewing up a good cup o’tea.

and then there’s the main garden! last year it was half filled with sunflowers and the other half was filled with all kinds of tomatoes (purple cherokee, yellow pears, etc.), corn, and asparagus. the same thing is happening there this year, except that the sunflowers have started to totally take over. we still have the tomatoes, corn, and asparagus but now they’re all overgrown with these huge cheery flowers. there are so many flowers that we’re having to pull them out so that the veggies get enough sunlight to ripen. shit is getting crazy down in what we’ve now dubbed the “sunflower jungle”.

anyhow, i find it all so dang beautiful, the act of growing your own food, and so i’ve taken to going out and photographing it all whenever i can. thus: these images of pretty much anything and everything growing in my yard. enjoy  : )


DSC07956 DSC07947 DSC07940 DSC07962 DSC07931 DSC07919 DSC07913 DSC07927 DSC07967