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i totally lucked out this summer. completely and totally lucked out.

i have the greatest summer job in the world: spending my days with three middle schoolers doing whatever the hell i want in and around the columbus area. i have two boys who are both 13 and a girl who just turned 12 and i’m pretty sure that they never agree on anything.

they’re the perfect age to take care of though since they’re old enough to make their own food and clean the house, but young enough that i can still drag them out to do whatever activity i feel like doing haha. i’m almost done with my 4th week working with them and i’m still enjoying spending my days with three sassy pre-teens, so that’s a plus.

so far this summer we’ve done quite a bit of hiking in the columbus metro parks, wandered around the columbus arts festival, visited the columbus museum of art, snagged all kinds of delicious foods at pearl alley market, gone creeking, eaten greasy pizza at mikey’s late night slice, enjoyed days at the pool, played soccer in the columbus commons, and also watched our fair share of action movies starring tom cruise.

i’m getting the best of both worlds with this job: i still get to go out and do stuff (art festival, hiking, pearl alley, etc.) and i also still get paid. normally, during my summers working at the daycare, i had no social life whatsoever and i never got to do as much stuff in the city as i wanted to. working for this family, however, gives me both freedom and a paycheck and i absolutely adore it.