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wow, i’m really terrible at keeping this blog updated during the summer! sorry gang. the warm weather just puts me in an entirely different mindset where all i want to do is relax in the sun and read and not be on a computer. but here we go, all kinds of random life updates from the past week or so.

  1. i just finished up my third week of working with the kiddo’s! they’re wonderful and pretty well-behaived, which is a huge relief for me. also, they go along with whatever activities i have planned, which means that so far this summer we’ve gone hiking at my favorite parks, visited the columbus arts festival, roamed around the zoo, and relaxed at the pool. BLISS. i cannot believe that i’m lucky enough to be getting paid to do all of this : )
  2. OITNB season two: WOW! i did not see that shit coming.. stellar show, intense characters, and a great exploration into all kinds of societal issues.
  3. for the past week i’ve been staying in columbus at my cousin’s house to dogsit for her while she and her family are off on vacation. this basically means that when i’m not taking care of three children in pickerington then i’m at her house taking care of four large dogs. i’m basically ALWAYS covered in dog hair and slobber now, so that’s fun! also, staying in there at her place makes me feel like i’m an adult playing a grown-up version of house.. so that’s a thing.
  4. woot woot! i got a new iPhone 5c last week! my old phone kept going dead at random stages of battery life (40%, 15%, 60%, it was always hella random), so yay for reliable technology now!!
  5. i’ve been out photographing quite often these past few weeks and it feels so good. a few times my brother and i have gone out on random photographic trips and spent the day driving around and pulling off on the side of the road to get shots of whatever piques our interest. loving it.
  6. HOLY CRAP I’M MOVING TO MASSACHUSETS IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS!! this seems so crazy! it definitely hasn’t hit me yet, but i’m sure that at the end of august i’ll be in a panic about it: packing, saying goodbyes, etc.
  7. ohmylord i miss my berg family so much!! every other summer i’ve been okay with missing everyone because i’ve always known that in a few short months i would be reunited with them up at school. that’s obviously not the case this time though, so it makes missing everyone all the more painful.
  8. the simple beauty of crops growing during the summer in ohio is a constant source of joy and inspiration for me! everyday i’m reminded of how lucky i am to grow up in a place as bountiful and full of life as the midwest.
  9. i’m still reading my feminist theology book and it’s absolutely spectacular, if a bit dense to get through. i’ve been reading it on and off for a few weeks now and, as much as i love it, it’s so dense with info that i can’t casually read it because it takes so much focus to soak up all that knowledge. anyhow, if you’re interested in learning about the paradigm shift from a matriarchal goddess worshiping society to a patriarchal god worshiping society, then When God Was a Woman is the book for you. seriously, check it out!
  10. the farther into summer it gets, the more i realize that i need more tie-dye in my closet and my life. i’m thinking that i’ll definitely be doing some tie-dyeing with the kiddos in the coming weeks!! because i have the degree, so i get to choose what we do haha i love my job.