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since it’s easy to forget to blog during the summer months, i have resolved to do at least one post per week: my thursday things. it will probably just be a random list of things that have happened to me on thursdays, but at least it’s something. think of my thursday things as mini-life-updates! anyhow, here’s my first list of thursday things::

  1. i found out today that i’ll start part-time-job-numbah-one on monday! i’ll be working at pacers italian cuisine and steakery in pleasantville, ohio evenings and maybe weekends.. i suppose that i’ll find that out when i go in on monday!
  2. andddd got a call back tonight about part-time-job-numbah-two and i’ll be starting that on tuesday! i’m thrilled to say that i’ll be working tuesday-friday for a family in pickerington, ohio watching their three lovely children. we’ll do all kinds of sweet things like visit downtown columbus to wander around pearl alley market, hike as many metro parks as possible, and obviously spend quite a bit of time at the pool. these kids don’t even know what kind of awesome summer they’re in for haha.
  3. fun fact: i went in this morning for a job interview downtown (before i had heard back about the babysitting gig) and got a call back within an hour of my leaving the interview! they want to hire me too! sadly, i’ve got to turn them down in favor of a closer, and more exciting summer, with the kids. but it’s still nice to know that i’m wanted in the job market!!
  4. i picked fresh strawberries today out of the garden and my hands were stained with their juices and it was wonderful.
  5. mowing the yard today made me realize just how much i can’t stand it. i was eaten alive by all manner of insects and my allergies acted up so i just ended up sneezing constantly for an hour and a half straight.
  6. a meeting at my church earlier this evening reminded me of how amazing my spiritual family is and what a safe space they create for me, no matter where we are. for those of you who know me well, this will come as no surprise: at one point i got so into our discussion that i ended up crying. and i’m not one of those pretty criers (and if you are, then i’m annoyed, because that’s just not fair) so it was rough. but they understood and put hands on my shoulders and i said what i felt. it’s beautiful to know that you have that kind of support.
  7. on a less serious note, can true blood just please come back on for it’s final season?!?!?! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!