hey gang! for those of you who are interested in my academic life here at heidelberg university, here’s a piece on my POL theory class that the berg dept of political science posted. (haha the perks of being the one who writes the blog is that it ends up being a lot of good pictures of me, my friends, and all the cool shit we do!) check it out and get the deets on all the nerdy awesome academic stuff i’ve been up to!


many senior year political science students will take independent study classes with dr. marc o’reilly in order to gain more in-depth knowledge about a subject of particular interest to them. not only do students gain more knowledge this way by working in a smaller group, but it also means that class can be held virtually anywhere.

as the weather warms up here in tiffin many of dr. o’reilly’s independent study classes have moved outdoors! below is a snapshot of seniors emily jones, left, kearstin bailey, middle, and zach myers, right waiting for dr. o’reilly to arrive so they can begin studying political theory!

for this particular class the students have done a blend of individual readings and group readings with papers turned in for each and discussion time held weekly. so far the group has read a multitude of authors, such as: arendt, friedan, gilman, hamilton, machiavelli

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