dear heidelberg alumna,

as you could probably tell, i really love heidelberg and i really love giving people tours of our gorgeous campus. it was truly a joy to give a tour to you and your family: your three darling children and shy swiss husband.

you came here 15 or so years ago; i can’t imagine how much has changed from your perspective! new buildings have gone up, old ones have been renovated, projects are in progress, professors have retired, and the student body has continued to grow.

hearing your stories was amazing: graduating from the berg, meeting a swiss man in grad school and moving back to switzerland with him, having three kids, and now coming back to visit family and your undergraduate home. listening to your tales of life gives me hope for mine.

you’ve had so many adventures and seem so genuinely happy, and i want that.

i want to continue my education. i want a love that sweeps me off my feet and makes me want to move half way across the world. i want a supportive family who’s interested in seeing the places that made me who i am. and seeing you have it all gave me hope that i could as well.

you probably have no idea what an impact you made on me today, but i am grateful. so thank you wonderful alumna, who’s name i actually forget.

may adventure continue to find you,

kearstin grace