Photo Apr 08, 11 51 07 PM


today was going fantastic, until mid afternoon came and i had pretty much continuous migraines..

throbbing, ebbing and flowing, pounding, slicing, awful normal migrains. oh, and not to mention the ocular migraine that i also get, where i’ll lose sight in one of my eyes as my vision is slowly eclipsed by a pulsing light. when that happens i basically just have to stick it out and wait for it to end. sadly, there is no magic fix-it for my migraines, especially not the ones that effect my vision.

so, today was awesome (filled with work, an ice cream run, my wonderful political theory class, and a trip to goodwill) until my migraines started. i was pretty set on spending the rest of my night confined to bed being whiney and waiting for the pain to go away when i realized that heidelberg greek week was still going on and i had to be at dodgeball in just an hours time. i was seriously dreading it, but i took a quick nap, took some migraine medicine, and trekked on over to the tin gym for the epic greek dodgeball tournament.

what i learned: zeta’s are wonderfully awkward and not athletic, so we got out the first round but had a hell of a time sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else play!

in the beginning, i debated skipping out early, but hanging out with all my sisters and being distracted from the throbbing pain was just what i needed. i ended up staying for two hours and cheering my head off (despite how much it hurt lol), and it turned out to be the perfect cure for my migraines. i’m pretty sure that by the time i was done i had hurt so much in there that my head had no more pain left to give, thankfully!

just another reason why i love my fellow zeta ladies: they always make me feel better and they don’t even know that they’re doing it.