every time i eat a crunch bar or a club sandwich i think back to our crazy wonderful nights in greece, wandering around town tipsy looking for food and fun. we had the greatest conversations, yet we were also able to be totally silent around each other. you taught me that true friendship is comfort.

after meeting you and connecting in greece i worried that our friendship would crumble once we got back to the states, but you taught me that a connection like ours can’t even be diminished by distance and i am forever thankful for that. truly, i don’t know what i would do without you girl.

you taught me to never judge, because no matter how crazy stuff got on the island you rolled with it. you understood that all people would make choices, both good and bad, and they would eventually deal with the consequences. you knew it wasn’t your place to pass judgement on them, because you understand that deep down we’re all doing what we can to get by.

you are such a calming presence in my life, at all times, but especially these past few weeks when everything has gone insane and i’ve been really overwhelmed. you’re always there to remind me to take a minute and just breathe and appreciate what i have right now.

words of wisdom abound when i talk to you. you always know just the right thing to say, the right piece of advice to give. it’s a remarkable quality, and i hope one day to have your wisdom : )

every time i look up at the stars i think of you. that night of drinking wine and gazing up at the immense sky will always stay with me. the stars, and you, provide me with constant guidance and remind me that, no matter how far away we are, we’re looking up at that same night sky.

you aren’t afraid to tell me what i need to hear, even if it may not be what i want to hear. you aren’t my “yes person”. you challenge my ways of thinking, my plans for the future, and my outlook on life and i absolutely love it.

out of all the people that i send video messages too, you’re the only person who consistently sends them back and you have no idea how freaking much i appreciate that. the fact that, via the magic of video iMessages, we can have whole “face to face” conversations throughout the span of an entire day is truly remarkable.

most people who have long-distance friends rarely know the day-to-day details of one anothers lives, but i’m so glad that that’s not how we are. talking and video messaging daily is something rare that i cherish. hell, i have friends here in ohio that i don’t even talk to daily! our level of dedication to friendship has been such an important learning experience: how to work at it and keep it real, not just a surface level friendship.

for all this and more, i thank you emily. you mean the world to me, and i can’t wait to see you when i move to massachusets at the end of the summer! our reunion shall be hella epic : )

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