you taught me that beauty can be a calming routine. take time for yourself to look as good as you feel. and sometimes, to look as good as you wish you felt.

i think about you every time i fill in my brows and carefully draw on my eyeliner. when i first saw how much work you put into makeup i scoffed, but now that i’m getting into it i have a new appreciation for it. it’s an art. and i learned not to judge others on what is important to them. don’t look down on anyone because you don’t know what they’ve been through and what kind of work they put into what they do. like all the work you put into looking so damn gorgeous every day, i love it!

you taught me to say “fuck the rules!” we arrived in prague and i was thrilled about traveling with the group to all kinds of museums and sights, until you showed me that it was completely okay to break away from authority figures to do something that you’re passionate about. i learned more wandering around that city with you and our attractive male guides than i think i ever would have with the rest of the group.

during our night hike to the chapel by the beach i learned the true meaning of having someone to grab hands with during times of trouble. those kids started throwing rocks at us and we locked hands and sprinted away faster than i ever thought possible. i’ve never been more thankful to have a hand to hold and know that someone was there next to me.

sometimes you have to put emotions aside and be a bitch to get things done. when shit went down in my life you were there to make sure it got cleaned up. you left emotion at the door and did what needed to be done to make sure that i was alright and, more importantly, that i was happy, and i’m forever grateful.

you taught me to dance. i can’t even count the times that you dragged me out to the clubs, gave me shots, and got me to dance with you. it doesn’t even matter that i can’t dance at all, and that all the guys only had eyes for you, because it was a life lesson that i needed to learn: sometimes you just have to suck it up and dance. and in the end, you’ll have a fabulous night.

you reinforced the fact that one should dress stellar no matter where you’re going, because you can meet extremely attractive people in the most unexpected places. i’d show up somewhere unimportant looking normal, in a t-shirt and shorts, and you’d walk in wearing a chic goddess dress and instantly catch the eye of the random hottie in the corner. important life lesson there: put effort in ALWAYS!

after spending so much time with you i learned the value of open and honest communication. spending so much time together was bound to cause bumps in the road, and it did. what i initially thought should be obvious to you wasn’t, and i wasn’t understanding the signals that you were sending off either. traveling together and staying close friends takes a lot of work and a lot of open communication, and i think i’ve finally got that down.

so thank you hannah, thank you for all this and more. meeting you in greece and traveling to prague and paris with you truly changed my life for the better. you mean the world to me, love.

if you’re interested in seeing what my darling friend hannah is up to, feel free to check out her blog. it’s filled with adventure, travel, and lots of poetry and painting!