you make plans, and the universe laughs. it’s a pleasant, but sometimes annoying, reminder from the universe that not everything is going to go as you want it to. as of today i officially have a new life direction, and i couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

okay, so some background. i have some stress-related medical issues and over spring break i realized that, due to them, it might not be the best idea for me to do the GMI program, and that even if i did apply, i might not get a position because of these medical issues. and so i applied to the UCC young adult service communities (YASC) program as another option.

after i applied to the YASC program, i received a call from the person in charge saying that they were interested in me and wanted to start doing interviews as soon as i could. and so, over the next week and a half, i interviewed with the director of the YASC program, the head of their program in massachusetts, and my possible boss at the non-profit i would be working for. all of them went well and i fell in love with the program, and also was officially offered a job with them!

thus, i have now decided to accept the job in westford, massachusets and work for the new england forestry foundation (NEFF) and the first parish church there in town for a year!! that will give me a year full of amazing experiences and connections, and also time to get my health back on track. after that, it is still my hope to go on and do a GMI volunteer-ship abroad!

during my time in massachusetts, i will be volunteering with first parish church approximately 6 hours or so a week and then also working for NEFF in their communications department pretty much full time. the program begins on september 1st and will last until august 1st, so i’m excited to say that i’ll be moving to new england at the end of the summer! WORDS CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE HOW ECSTATIC I AM ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!

thank you to all of my friends and family for dealing with me during this hella stressful and crazy time. your love and support means the world to me, and words cannot even begin to express my appreciation. as i begin this new chapter in my life, and finish up my spectacular chapter here at heidelberg, i shall obviously continue blogging about it all to keep everyone in the loop : )