1. you can walk into a room and bullshit any conversation
  2. even if you don’t know what’s happening, you can still completely avoid the subject, make up stuff, and still have it sound good
  3. there are random people in your phone named as countries rather than people because you do model un and that’s just what happens
  4. live-tweeting MOreilly’s canada class is the norm
  5. you have the opportunity to fly to san francisco every year to participate in MUNFW–woot woot
  6. you befriend people as equally poli sci nerdy as you are and you can sit and have off the wall political discussions for hours
  7. watching CNN is a hobby, a very serious and intense hobby
  8. you want to be BFF’s with wolf blitzer because 1) his name is fantastic and 2) he makes everything sound 100 times more intense (just imagine his voice narrating your life!)
  9. you know that north korea is really the DPRK (democratic republic of korea)
  10. chipotle runs with marc o’reilly are a regular occurrence
  11. MOreilly calls your life a “total shitshow!” in class, even if it’s not
  12. you show up to a meeting with MOreilly 20 minutes late because you know that he’ll be at least that late himself
  13. you become instantly outraged when people cite FOX as their only news source
  14. you’ve accepted your addiction to the news: twitter, apps, magazines, news channels, newspapers, EVERYTHING!
  15. you actually pronounce iran and iraq correctly (IT’S NOT “I-RAN” AND “I-ROCK”!!)
  16. it bothers you to go more than 2 hours without reading some kind of news article
  17. you get genuinely excited when a real world crisis hits because you want to see how the world responds
  18. presidential debates are basically like the super bowl to you, ONLY BETTER
  19. you never use the word “we” without specifying the group you are referring to immediately after
  20. you’re always up for a good rage about american exceptionalism
  21. you’re besties with lindsay kagy because of how many hours you’ve waited in the lounge there for MOreilly to show up for a meeting
  22. sometimes you skip going out on the weekends to watch house of cards
  23. if you’re taking a bing class, you know by now that you don’t even have to show up to 80% of them
  24. you have a “work hard — play hard” mentality
  25. traveling abroad is a MUST
  26. you can walk into a room and convince almost anyone to do anything due to your speaking prowess
  27. you know way more about the middle east than most other people at the berg (thanks MOreilly!)
  28. you feel like you constantly need coffee because you’re in politics (que dramatic sigh!), and the world of politics never sleeps
  29. you have at least one story about meeting a politician or academic in your field and being totally starstruck
  30. watching fox news is what you do for comedic relief
  31. you understand that most opinion polls are total crap because it’s so easy to skew numbers to fit whatever you want, seeing as how you’ve just learned to do that in your research methods class
  32. when someone tells you that they don’t vote it takes all your self control to not hit them
  33. dinners with CIA employees at professor newcomb’s house are the norm
  34. family members are constantly asking what you’re going to do with your degree and you just can’t get it through to them that you can do almost anythinggggg with it, hence why it’s so fantastic
  35. regular travel and excursions are simply part of your lifestyle
  36. you laugh when other students take one bing class and tell you that it “totally changed my life”
  37. you never miss the SOTU
  38. you get sick of explaining to non-majors what the SOTU is (like really, get on my level)
  39. watching poll results come in after an election are some of the most intense moments of your life
  40. you’re used to professor bing completely ignoring you if you have a vagina
  41. you experience excruciating pain when you look at social media before and during elections — SO MANY IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO REALLY LOVE TO TALK ABOUT THINGS THAT THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND!
  42. you receive more iPhone notifications from CNN and the NYtimes than you do from facebook and instagram
  43. live-tweeting a political debate is the highlight of your month
  44. not only can you discuss your favorite american president at length, but you also like to think of him as the wise old grandfather you never had
  45. the DPRK launches a missile and you find it entertaining when it fails, so you laugh hysterically while the rest of the population thinks the end of the world is coming
  46. you understand that the united nations is all about symbolic politics, and you’re okay with that (but now you know that you don’t really wanna work for them)
  47. MOreilly doesn’t call you by your first name, but instead he greets you as “mr. so-and-so” or “miss so-and-so”
  48. after being around MOreilly for so long, YOU now call people by their last names..