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so first, the story of this fantastic shirt that i’m reppin’ today:: i was out in san francisco my sophomore year of college for the MUNFW conference. my guy friend mike flew up from LA to visit me (since we hadn’t seen each other in a few years) and while we were together he gave me a bunch of random shirts to remember him by. this one has always been my favorite! it was already worn in and perfect when i got it, and now it’s even more worn with a wider neckline and a few more stains. i absolutely love it. it’s my go-to shirt when i’m feeling fierce, wanting to seem intense or slightly intimidating, when i wake up and get ready while listening to beyonce, or when i want to turn my day around. the latter was the case today.

i woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground here in northern ohio, and i was hella annoyed. i thought spring had finally, sort of kind of come to the area. nope, definitely not. i’m getting ready and drinking some chocolate almond milk while picking out my outfit for the day, when i dance a little too intensely to my morning playlist and spill almond milk all over my PJ’s. grrrr. so, despite the fact that i was heading off to work in the admissions office here at heidelberg, i decided to wear my HUSTLE OR DIE shirt in an attempt to save the rest of my day from the annoyance that was my morning. and it totally worked.

i walk in to my shift in admissions and immediately get 3 high fives for my tshirt. hell yea. i ended up giving a campus tour to an athletic training grad assistant candidate and she was seriously amazing. like, i-want-you-to-be-my-best-friend-despite-the-fact-that-we-just-met amazing. we wandered around campus for 45 minutes while i told her epic stories of my time here and she laughed and told me about her time at undergrad in alabama.

i got done with work and headed back to my room to finish up my religion reading for my class in 2 hours. the reading was nerdy and fantastic (about the literary device that is satan within the quran and how his character is used as a way to “other” people in the region, and thus make the early believers movement more solidified) and i was thrilled to head off to my one-on-one with professor grangaard to discuss it. i arrive in his office and he tells me that he accidentally scheduled another meeting for the same time, but did i want to give him a life update before i left and we can just discuss the readings next week? absolutely. life chats with blake grangaard are so intense and life-direction-affirming, and this one was no different. i updated him about school, seminary plans, my turkey trip, and post-grad plans and then headed off to snag a coffee during my newly free hour before canada class with o’reilly.

the carmel macchiato was exactly what i needed, and i jauntily walked over to my MOreilly class confident about the quiz we would be taking today. needless to say, i aced the quiz and we spent the rest of class talking about our final canada projects. this consisted of one by one talking about our interests while marc tosses out tons of ideas that we had never even considered. emily and i sat in the back and tweeted and laughed like we didn’t have a care in the world. one of the perks of being a senior: final papers for a 200 level class are nothing to worry about.

i moseyed back to my room after class, soaking up all the sun i could and enjoying the random burst of nice weather. at 4pm i had a phone interview for another position with the UCC, this one in boston working for a local church and also working for the new england forestry foundation (very eco-justice chic). the woman who interviewed me was super chill and passed my info along to the local church community so that i could get started on the next step in the process: a Skype interview to see if this particular church congregation (a UCC unitarian universilist fusion) would be a good fit for me. i got a text from the woman in charge in boston within two hours and i’ve already set up to interview with her on sunday. the work i would be doing in the boston area sounds so amazing and the more i think about it all the more excited i get. i’m still in the process to see if i can get a GMI abroad, but if not, boston is still a stellar option, so we shall see where that goes.

after my interview and excited freak-out when i called my mum to update her, i proceeded to spend the rest of the night lounging in my room having a wine night with my best friend danielle. we’ve been besties since freshman year, but as our schedules have gotten busier we haven’t been able to spend as much time together lately, so the chill wine night was exactly what we needed.

seriously, it was a perfect way to end the spectacular day. and i owe it all to my ridiculous and obnoxious t-shirt from mike. it’s amazing the difference it makes in my mindset and how that in turn effects all the other aspects of my life   : )