Photo Mar 10, 8 05 31 PM


the temperature in columbus today was finally above 40 degrees, so naturally i went on a trek to take in all the warm weather and sunshine that i could. my mother, my cousin, her adorable baby, and i all went for a leisurely stroll in downtown today to enjoy the weather while we could. though little harper didn’t seem too pleased with the bright sun and slight wind, the rest of us reveled in it. we walked what we could of the scioto mile (parts of it are closed due to construction) and then sat for a while on a glider swing along the river across from cosi.

just feeling the warmth of the sun heat up my face and make the wind tolerable was a joy. feeling those bright rays of sunshine took me back to turkey for a brief moment, and i realized then just how much this gorgeous weather played a part in making my transition back home easier.

cheers to the sunshine!