i hear the waves.. and inside my soul sings.

being back in the mediterranean feeds my soul on such a deep and spiritual level.

the sound of the sea, the feel of the sand, the blue of the water, the rush of the clouds overhead, the way that the waves change when it starts to storm. all of this and more makes my soul sing.

words cannot even describe how connected i feel to this place and this thing, this body of water that has captured my imagination and my thoughts ever since i first came to turkey two years ago. my love for the mediterranean grew when i studied in greece and now this feeling of elemental completion is back.

i feel as if the water is part of me, and i’m connected to it. no matter what i do i cannot escape it’s pull; its firm, yet gentle and unwavering, pull.

my heart is full when i am near this sea. i am totally enraptured in it’s rhythmic movements.

it is the beat of the world, a giant body of kinetic energy that connects to bodies of water around the world.

when i stand in the mediterranean sea i am standing in water that is as old as the earth itself. no new water is formed on earth. all that we have here and now has been here always, merely recycled and in different forms.

when i am near the mediterranean i feel connected to all this history and it fills my heart and i am happy. i am joyous and it fills me completely. i am lost in it’s beauty, totally and unapologetically.