aj and meredith sit cozily and read up on south korea

so i blogged a few days ago about conference prep for muntr (late night muntr prep), and this post is merely an update of that.

while my friends and i started off just studying, it turned into a ridiculous night frilled with wine and sugar. by the end of the night there were empty alcohol containers scattered throughout the lobby (boxed wine, regular wine, random beer & other drinks), an empty 24 pack of red velvet cupcakes (from where we devoured every last one of em), and random packing accessories strewn about (various bags, ziplocs, luggage scales, etc.).

it was an epic college night of studying and packing with my all-time favorite people. we spent a solid 4 or 5 hours together reading articles, studying our various countries, going over the muntr issues book, writing last-minute speeches, packing, stuffing our faces (and stuffing stuff in other people’s faces haha), drinking, and by the end, just rolling on the floor laughing.

it was such a perfect way to start off our long trek to muntr 🙂