a flashback picture from my last trip to the turkish coast a few years back. gawd it feels good to be back!


wooooo! i’m halfway across the world and i couldn’t be more thrilled!

unfortunately, because i’m also running the official university political science blog (and it’s linked to this one on one of the posts), i can’t post anything juicy or extremely descriptive about my time here on this one. just in case someone would read my posts on there, find my link to here, and be absolutely offended (or something like that) by my writings about the conference. i don’t want to be yelled at in committee by an intense turkish person haha.

once i’m in route to the states and am totally done with MUNTR ya’ll are going to be bombarded with tales of my time in turkey, i promise! until then, though, check out the berg poli sci blog for posts about our intensely long trek to get to antalya (trekking to turkey), details on who’s covering what committee during conference (muntr has begun!), and a recap of my groups first day at conference (muntr: 1st day updates).