so today has been, by far, one of my most stressful days this semester. I’ve worked, gone to class, had a long ass meeting about turkey (since we leave Saturday morning!), done 2 loads of laundry, finally made a binder for MUNTR, printed off tons of articles and speeches by and about south koreans in the UNEP, volunteered at the SAA thank a giver day, and also helped to work the athena abroad booth at the campus study abroad fair (where I made a new BFF in the process). yea, it’s been hella hectic.

so all this happens and it’s 7pm and I’m sitting in the campus computer lab with my girl meredith when I get a reminder text about the office of admissions appreciation party. aka the heidelberg university office of admissions IS GIVING OUT FREE PIZZA AND ICE CREAM SUNDAES TO ITS WORKERS. hot damn! we both immediately finished our UN work and ran to get ice cream.

mine was covered in Carmel, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, andddd chocolate chips. it was crazy unhealthy and exactly what my stressed out self needed. so mad props to my school and the amazing people that I work with in admissions. you are all fabulous and you completely turned my day around!! gawd I love my small liberal arts school immensely  🙂