my ITS capstone class at the mexican! nomnomnom

my ITS capstone class at the mexican! nomnomnom

while my last semester here at heidelberg is proving to be more insane and crazy than i ever thought possible, my classes are continuing to be spectacular. i’m taking three POL classes and a REL class that are all crazy nerdy and intellectually stimulating. i’m going out on an academic high note, that’s for sure. here’s a quick run-down of what all i’m taking this semester::

political theory:: this class is an independent study with dr. o’reilly, emily, and zach, so it’s nice to only have the four of us there during discussions. one week the three of us each read a different work of political philosophy  and then the next week we all do a common reading, switching back and forth between individual and group work to get through more material. thus far i’ve read and discussed stuff from marx, plato, aristotle, machiavelli, wollstonecraft, and arendt. it’s giving me more confidence in my studies to know now that i have foundational political theory knowledge, especially since i’ll be going on to grad school after i graduate.

intro to canada:: this class was basically picked up because i needed another POL credit and the wonderful (and hella french canadian) dr. o’reilly was teaching it. i’m finding it interesting to learn about our neighbor to the north, especially because, as american’s, we don’t really pay canada much attention. i just finished writing a paper about ecotourism in the province of british columbia and now i really want to visit there. so many opportunities to sail, kayak, hike, and photograph!

international studies capstone:: as a political science major, i could choose to take either the POL or ITS capstone course, and i decided that the ITS one had more interesting readings for the semester. we meet weekly at the mexican restaurant here in tiffin and discuss our readings over chips and salsa (and occasionally a margarita or two!).

independent study for religion:: this is a one-on-one class with professor grangaard to make up for another religion class that i need for my minor, but i couldn’t quite fit it into my schedule (secret: i could have fit it in, i’m just not a fan of the prof, soooooo). the whole course is self-designed, so i’ve decided to look at the historical and cultural foundations of the quran and i’m absolutely loving it. i’m reading tons of books and journal articles on islam, the quran, and the historical context that muhammad lived in. this class is absolute perfection and i constantly nerd out with grangaard about stuff.

wish me luck as i finish out my senior year here at heidelberg!!