Photo Feb 10, 3 35 41 PM

exciting stuff guys: i’m creating another blog! heidelberg university has asked me to write a blog about the life of a poly sci student here at the university and document projects, trips, speakers, etc. so i’ll only be using it for the next few months that i’m here and then i’ll be passing it on to another wonderful poly sci student!

it’s an awesome though to be asked to do this; i’m pumped! oh, and it’s also part of my job on campus as well, so i’m getting paid to do it. woop woop!!!!!

don’t worry though, this blog is still where i’ll put all the ridiculous stories and insane lists and where i’ll use lots of curse words and get very passionate. this new one will be censored, to a degree, since it’s linked to heidelberg, which i totally understand, but i just won’t be able to be quite as frank on there as i am on here.

regardless, i’m excited for this new opportunity and i’ll post the link on here once i’ve written my first poly sci life post 🙂