Photo Jan 27, 11 36 30 PM

right now i’m overwhelmed with love.

i’m overflowing with love.

i’m surrounded with love.

and i feel nothing but love.

my time as a founder of zeta, and now as an active zeta helping to educate our new members, has blessed me with a plethora of beautiful experiences and relationships.

up until my time in college, from my junior year on mostly, i had never really known what a supportive and healthy relationship looked like with women my own age. prior to study abroad i had one female best friend: danielle. it was still a skill that i was working on, this whole lasting-female-friendship thing. my time being slut shamed in high school had pretty much given me a sour taste in my mouth for women of my own age, and it took me a long time to get past that. studying abroad and meeting emily and hannah completely changed my world and they helped me to learn how to develop deep and trusting relationships with females based on a deep and true foundation. zeta continued that and has truly opened up my world to the love and support of so many vivacious women on heidelberg’s campus.

i wasn’t always a girls girl, but now i can’t imagine my life any other way. what i’ve found with my female friendships is a level of strength, confidence, and mutual encouragement and love. after getting done with new member education tonight i was overcome with emotion and i took some time to cry and be thankful for what i have and how i’ve grown. because i have grown, and i don’t know what i would do without my girls.