college is amazing and wonderful and weird as hell. here are just a sampling of some of the random stuff that has come up in conversation during my past week here at heidelberg:: 

the likely possibility of AJ sending emily and i snapchats from his shower

an aligator in florida named stumpy

the idea of importing sharks into the mediterranean waters

sin stocks

the necessity of bringing wine to emily and i’s intro to canada class

how to best turn one of my professors into a “booze hound”

plato and the forms

the likelihood of going to a soiree on a yacht while in turkey

the art of warfare and the importance of not just knowing your enemy but also knowing yourself

the historical and cultural context of the quran

the soviet union’s model of economics and why it failed

zeta theta psi

snot coming out of the corner of your eyes when your sinuses are too full (apparently it feels hella gross)

passport drama in canada

aristotle’s teleology

various jesus analogies and metaphors

sexist teachers

celine dion and why canada is annoyed with her

crazy ex-boyfriend’s who told me i was going to hell

the nerdiness that is harry potter fest

casually confusing a badger for a wolverine

needing to be drugged if i were on a submarine

the differences between a real blizzard and the “snow bunny -esque” idea of a blizzard


the idea of an ideal society as discussed by plato

society’s double standard on sexuality

memories of kayaking in the mediterranean

reggae concerts and how i’m too broke to go to one

the importance of multi-vitamins

the insanity and joy that will be greek life new member education here in a few weeks

flight times in and out of antalya, turkey

wine, obviously