i absolutely adore lists. i will make lists about almost anything (as you can probably tell based on my previous posts!). this post is inspired by the 52 lists project (visit the moorea seal website to learn more about the project), as words are such powerful communicators in today’s world. a mere word can bring forth so many emotions and memories, so i thought it would be interesting to see what words truly speak to me at this time in my life. and so here is my list of words that touch my soul, today, right now, in the moment::


fierce vivacious calm soothing life breath whirling emotion

swirling whirlwind rebirth sleep rest family comfort

yearning rise growth sister lover grounded bubble

free essence progress creativity raw gritty deep beloved accepted

peace escape warmth vibrance luscious spirit passion

fire expression travel unknown flight waves sea ocean sun evoke

sand καλημέρα vino surrounded breathe reflection quiet

space relax drive love float experience humility